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So you're here on my website, which means you are looking for a wedding photographer.

It also probable that you've never hired a wedding photographer before, so this is kinda like wandering around in the dark.

You have a bunch of questions, so here are my thoughts on hiring a wedding photographer.

The first thing is style.

There are really two types of photography styles when it comes to weddings, and then a whole mess of gray area in between.

There is the Traditional and the Photo-Journalistic.

Basically, the traditional style photographer poses, sets up shots, asking people to stand a certain way, that sort of thing.

Photo-Journalistic is more of the fly on the wall, capturing moments of a more candid nature.

Now, no one is a pure traditional photographer, and no one is a pure photo-journalistic photographer.

Everyone is somewhere in the middle, and it depends on how you lean.

I studied photojournalism in college, so obviously I lean toward photojournalism style of photography.

I love being unobtrusively in the middle of everything, capturing those moments when the bride glances over to her father, the tears of the groom’s mom, and the five-year-old ring bearer dropping the ring.

That does not mean I do not create posed pictures.

Posed pictures are wonderful: the new couple at the Disney Concert Hall, the newly created families together, the entire wedding party in front of the church.

So, if you are looking for a photographer who tends to capture those beautiful moments as they happen, rather than choreograph special moments, I might be the photographer for you.


Now, what actually happens on the wedding day?

-And note that all weddings are different, and I love doing different things and going different places, so what do you want to do? Where do you want to go?  

But, saying that, weddings tend to follow a familiar pattern.

Start at the home/hotel, shots of both the bride and groom getting ready.

Then off to the church, and shots of the ceremony.

Then photographs of everyone in front of the place of ceremony.

Then off to somewhere special for either/both:  

a) shots of the bride and groom or

b) shots of everyone in the ceremony.

Then off to the party, and champagne toasts, cake cutting, dancing, and laughter and smiles.



Which means my day tends to be from 9am to midnight or later.

My price:  $1750

That includes shooting all day, with 2 professional camera bodies, four L lenses, three flashes, and all the other things that go with professional shooting.

That includes editing of all the photographs.

Delivery online of somewhere between 1000 and 1500 photographs that you now own, to do whatever you like with.

There will be both large versions to make prints or books, and small versions to put on your facebook, Instagram, etc…

The last question I tend to get is,
Do you know of a good videographer?

The answer -right now- is no, I have worked with a few, but they have all moved on to different things.

So I always want to hear about your experiences with videographers and if you recommend them.


Now it’s time for you (if you haven’t already) to take a look at the photographs I have on my website, and then take a look at other photographer websites, and then ask some friends.

If you would like, I would be happy to meet you for a cup of coffee, and we can discuss what you would like and how you want it to go.





Benjamin Simpson

323 244 8221

Wedding Photographer