Hi, how are you?

This is where I write a little bit about myself.

So here goes….


I started taking photographs way back in the dark age of film.

With my 1970’s Pentax Spotmatic and my dad’s light meter I wandered.

Years went by, and I worked as either an auto mechanic or a bartender (always with a camera by my side) and moving from place to place: Alaska, Mexico, New York, New Orleans, England, India.

Constantly taking random photography courses and spending time in dark rooms, which are beautiful in a hand’s-on-building-images-and-smelling-lots-of weird chemicals sort of way.

But eventually went back to College for a degree in Journalism and Photojournalism.

By the time I graduated, journalism had changed and I decided to follow a different path.

I re-contemplated why I love photography.

Which is: going outside to find beauty, traveling and meeting new people.

Which is why Weddings, Bar/Bat Mitzvahs and Behind The Scenes work are perfect.

I get to do the things I love, finding new people, going new places and taking photographs to show your grandchildren.

Even though those grandchildren will say things like ‘Wow, you look so young?” or “Wow, you didn’t have flying cars yet, how did you survive?”


When I’m not professionally shooting, I’m wandering with my camera, taking pictures and writing stories.

Looking for beauty and life in the urban jungle,

and greenery (brownery?) and solitude in the mountains and deserts surrounding LA.


I guess that is enough babbling about myself.


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Wedding Photographer