Bar/Bat Mitzvah Information


So you’ve got a kid coming of age, and you’re looking for a photographer for a Bar/Bat Mitzvah, and you are here which means you’re not sure who to hire.


So here is a little information about my Mitzvah photography.


There are usually three different shoots:

(This is just how it mostly goes, but everything can be adjusted, changed or tweaked.)

-The first is a family photoshoot usually in a park. Photographs of the Mitzvah boy/girl. Photographs of the whole family, photographs of kids together, parents together, etc….

The best time for the shoot is one hour before Sunset. So, if the sun sets at 7pm, we would meet at 4:30, start shooting at 5 and end at 6:30, depending on how everyone feels.

Now, the most important thing about getting a great photograph. Yes, lighting, camera, background, is necessary.

But the most important thing is to be relaxed and have fun.

Making faces behind me while I take a picture is encouraged.

-The second is the rehearsal in the temple. This is a little more serious, in your formal clothes with the Rabbi and a practicing speech. Then some more formal portraits.

-The third is the party. Which is most definitely fun again.


What you will get:

All photographs will be edited, and delivered via my google drive so you just need to click and download all at once. All photographs will be delivered by one week. I tend to send more rather than less photographs, because sometimes the bloopers are the most fun.

You will receive two versions of each photograph, one large for making prints or books, one small ready for facebook, Instagram, etc…


Oh, yes, and the price: $1200, all-inclusive for edited delivered photographs.


Please contact me if you have any questions, I’m happy to meet up for coffee.





323 244 8221

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